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Chester Kiwanis
Christmas  Parade
Sunday 12/09/2018
Chester Kiwanis Christmas Parade - Click for Christmas Parade Page
Parade Flyer (doc)

Parade Flyer (pdf)



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2007 - Chester Kiwanis Chili Day
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  2009-01-26  "Tom Sokol Holds T-Shirt to present to Rick Dodson"
  2008-05-19  "Kiwanian-of-the-Year Wayne Stuart Returns for his first meeting of the year since taken ill in 2007"
  2007-10-15  "Ed Thompson introduces speaker Dorothy Jaeckle"
  2007-10-08  "Gwen Osborn gets ready to introduce first speaker of the new fiscal year"
  2007-09-27  "President Jay Slagle assumes command at Installation of Officers Banquet"
  2007-08-12  "Olivia Grace Flores - Mother Holly Flores is our first active club member to give birth"
  2007-07-23  "Joe Hillier, Guy Smith and Marshall Henry receive 35 year Kiwanis Legion of Honor pins"
  2007-07-04  "Fourth of July"
  2007-06-15  "Jordan Rebekkah Forbes, a candidate for Miss Virginia"
  2007-05-30  "Past Capital District Lt. Governors Steve Miles and Jim O'Connell enjoying the Spring Fling"
  2007-05-16  "Spiritual Aims: The Rev. Dr. Stephen P. Cowardin, Rector, The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer"
  2007-05-08  "Orig. Nose Art Photo: B-24 Bomber "Miss Kiwanis - pre-1946"
  2007-03-12  "Chester Hotel was located on Kiwanis Park Site"
  2007-03-06  "Petersburg Kiwanis 85th Birthday"
  2007-03-04  "Flash from the Past - Honey Dipped Ribs and BBQ Chicken "
  2007-02-19  "Colonial Heights Inter-Club on Tai Chi Night"
  2007-02-14  "Guy Smith drawing Valentine's Day number from Heather McDaniel's lucky number bag"
  2007-02-12  "Walt gives Angie a Valentine's Day Kiss in appreciate of winning the prize"
  2007-02-05  "Danny's offering for the Recycled Present Auction"
  2007-01-29  "Another fine class of Keyettes"
  2007-01-27  "What a difference a sign makes"
  2007-01-22  "Danny singing Happy Birthday in Celebration to Dr. Joe"
  2007-01-16  "Ellicott City, MD Kiwanis Club Clock"
  2007-01-15  "Joan Benton, first new member of 2007"
  2007-01-08  "The Gavel"
  2006-12-10  "A Picture Perfect Christmas"
  2006-11-27  "Thomas Jefferson (Gary Burleigh) hearing feedback from Lewis and Clark Expedition"
  2006-11-20  "Phil Crow's Radio Flyer hauling a suitcase of pennies for the March of Dimes Campaign"
  2006-11-13  "Key Club Officers with Kiwanis Sponsored Youth Chairmen"
  2006-10-31  "In Memoriam - Buck Porter - August 4, 1935 - October 31, 2006"
  2006-10-02  "Steve Miles receives belated Distinguished Lt. Governor Award for 2004-2005"
  2006-09-28  "East Rider Oct 2006: Reader's Digest CF Payne captures Chester Kiwanian adjusting helmet strap?"
  2006-09-18  "Steve Miles receives New Club Building Award in extending Kiwanis to Hopewell"
  2006-09-11  "Dunk'in for Tennis Balls"
  2006-08-28  "Chester - The Way it Used to Be (VillageNews 2006-08-30)"
  2006-08-15  "Hopewell Club reunites"
  2006-08-10  "Jerome takes new job opportunity"
  2006-05-31  "Do'in the Fling"
  2006-05-15  "Paul Senior and Paul Junior of Orange County Choppers taken by Rick at RIR"
  2006-04-25  "Congratulations to Linda on her new job! (VillageNews 2006-04-26)"
  2006-04-16  "Dixon with Fiancee at Easter Parade"
  2006-04-10  "Due to excellent work by our Program Chairpersons, Phil's Backup is growing weary"
  2006-04-03  "Dennis, Dixon, Carla and Dan at membership drive" 
  2006-03-31  "President Steve Providing Words of Encouragement to Hopewell Club"
  2006-03-27  "March 29, 2006 - Happy Birthday Kiwanis Club of Chester"
  2006-03-16  "A Squirrel Brought Back to Life"
  2006-03-06  "Distinquished Secretary Guy and Distinquished President Joe"
  2006-02-27  "Amazing Resemblance"
  2006-02-25  "Swammy and assistant bring on Mid-Winter"
  2006-02-24  "Flash from the Past - Rick's 54th; only to be young again"
  2006-02-21  "Flash from the Past - The Beginning"
  2006-02-17  "Flash from the Past - Chester Sponsors Midlothian"
  2006-02-15  "Flash from the Past - Guy is in for the Long Haul"
  2006-02-13  "Troy Bell - Director Marketing and Air Service Development - RIC"
  2006-02-12  "Flash from the Past - Clifford in Parade December 1990"
  2006-02-11  "Flash from the Past - Cliff, MaryJo, Rick, Millie"  - In honor of Millie 
  2006-02-10  "Flash from the Past - 1974 Capital District Inter-Club Champion"
  2006-02-02  "Stacy is CBA's Business Person of the Month! (VillageNews 02-01-06)"
  2006-01-31  "Your Dell Server Host: I don't look like much, but it's what's inside that counts"
  2006-01-23  "Toby Greyhound Caldwell"
  2006-01-21  "Dan and Rick Exchanging Looks"
  2006-01-16  "Marshall W. Smith, Ph.D
  2006-01-14   "Ron Leads in Clean Up"

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