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Chester Kiwanis Christmas Parade:
Sunday 12/10/2017
Chester Kiwanis Christmas Parade - Click for Christmas Parade Page

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Parade Flyer (doc)

Parade Flyer (pdf)

Registration (doc)

Registration (pdf)
Kiwanis Club of Chester Officers

    David W. Duncan - President, Kiwanis Club of Chester, Virginia

Kiwanis Club of Chester, Inc.


President:  David W. Duncan
President-Elect:  Jamie L. Moore
Vice President:  Robert J. Barbie
Treasurer:  Robert J. Barbie & Pamela A. Dvorak
Secretary:  Edward C. Thompson
Immediate Past Pres:  Danny R. Wyatt

Board of Directors Term Ending 2017

Robert O. Cassada
Ronnie L. Bray
Ronald J. Jaeckle
Wyane W. Stuart
W. Greg White.

Board of Directors Term Ending 2018

Christine Allen
Noelle M. Grosso
Robert J. Holiday, Jr.
Thomas W. Sokol

Kiwanis Club of Chester, Inc. Foundation:                                             

President:  Gary L. Burleigh
Vice President:  Ronald L. Gray
Treasurer: Robert J. Barbie & Pamela A. Dvorak
Secretary: Mary K. Lykins
Directors:  Thomas W. Sokol & Edward C. Thompson

Past Executive Officers
Presidents, District and Lieutenant Governors

1985-1986:  Dr. Joseph C. Hillier
2010-2011:  Steven H. Miles
2009-2010:  Robert O. Cassada
2008-2009:  Robert O. Cassada
2004-2005:  Steven H. Miles
1995-1996:  David F. Lykins*
1989-1990:  Rex E. Dykes*
1985-1986:  Philip R. Collier*
1981-1982:  Willam M. Koogler
1980-1981:  Byron F. Price
1975-1976:  Dr. Joseph C. Hillier  


2014-2015:  Robert O. Cassada 
2013-2014:  Noelle M. Grosso
2012-2013:  Thomas M. Sokol
John Howsmon
2010-2011:  Joan F. Benton
2009-2010:  Gary L. Burleigh
2008-2009:  Dixon Handwerk
2007-2008:  James L. Slagle, Jr.
2006-2007:  Ronnie L. Gray
2005-2006:  Steven A. Castro
2004-2005:  Dr. Joseph C. Hillier
2003-2004:  Nicole M. Jordan
2002-2003:  Danny R. Wyatt
2001:2002:  Steven H. Miles
2000:2001:  Robert O. Cassada
1999:2000:  Eleanor P. Lee
1998-1999:  Christopher M. Wyndham
1997-1998:  J. Robert Goodwin             (25th Year Anniversary)
1996-1997:  R. Daniel Hill
1995-1996:  Dr. William H. Rhea
1994-1995:  Dr. William H. Rhea
1993-1994Gary L. Burleigh                 (Lost, but not forgotten: Andy Lafley)
1992-1993:  L. A. Rosenstock
1991-1992:  Richard E. Goyne
1990-1991:  Richard E. Dodson
1989-1990:  David F. Lykins*                 (KI 75th Year Anniversary)
1988-1989:  Dr. Russell V. Brown*
1987-1988Henry J. Dvorak
1986-1987Rex E. Dykes*                    (15th Year Anniversary)
1985-1986Herbert E. George*
1984-1985:  Philip R. Crow
1983-1984:  David J. Jones
1982-1983Philip R. Collier*
1981-1982:  Henry J. Schott Jr.
1980-1981:  Thomas A. Moody
1979-1980:  William M. Koogler
1978-1979:  Billy H. Johnson
1977-1978:  W. Guy Smith, III
1976-1977:  Byron F. Price
1975-1976:  Hampton R. White*
1974-1975:  Cortlandt H. Joyner
1973-1974J. Marshall Henry, III
1972-1973Dr. Joseph Hillier
1971-1972:  Dr. Joseph Hillier

* designates deceased

Copyright © by Kiwanis Club of Chester, Virginia All Right Reserved.

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